Dayma offers an opportunity for high school and university students to discover the spectacular nature and diverse peoples of Egypt through a wide range of fun yet educational activities.

Journeys take place in selected locations throughout Egypt over a period of 4 to 10 days. They are tailored to each age group and designed to build the youths’ capacities and aid them in better perceiving nature’s genius, enriching their personal and professional lives.

Our high school program addresses a crucial period of transition in a student’s life. Activities preparing them for the real world after school and helping them refine their choice of studies through a process of self-discovery as well as by being safely immersed in an unfamiliar setting that challenges them. It is particularly well suited for students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate and is a great kick-start for their CAS component (Community, Action and Service).

University students will find it an enriching aspect whatever their field of study, as our activities facilitate interdisciplinary work and teach techniques for creative, out of the box thinking that will be an added value in any career.

“Sara and Betty provided a deep and intellectually stimulating program that encompassed exactly what I was aiming to do with my students, particularly regarding all the elements of CAS.  The students were physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged nearly every minute of the day and enjoyed it.  It was a trip that really brought them together for the strenuous IB expectations.”

— Nora Elmarzouky – CAS Coordinator, American International School Cairo.