Sara El Sayed


Sara is passionate, pragmatic, curious, and has a great joy for life. She is an outdoor environmental science and nature educator, she is juggling with her many passions, interests and jobs. Inspiring young people to connect and learn from nature, working on developing an eco-village project that aims to empower Egyptian farmers, discovering Egypt’s food heritage treasures. Her interests include finding innovative ways of communicating with people, which has also been expressed in her theatre work through various theatre productions. Her experience includes having been an eco-guide in several of Egypt’s National Parks, set up several educational programs and curricula for environmental education for both youth and adults and has executed many expeditions with youth.  She is eager to continue expanding her knowledge by learning from other biomimics and from nature itself, the greatest of all teachers, with the deep desire and hope of bringing this new gained knowledge to impact sustainable change in Egypt.

BettyPhotoBetty Khoury


Betty is an outdoor environmental science educator and Certified Permaculturist. With a background in populations and ecosystems biology she develops new material and activities for students of all ages, embracing the natural world as a continuous learning opportunity and a means to excite their curiosity. Prior to co-founding Dayma in 2011, Betty studied in France and served as a UN volunteer to the regional UNDP MedWetCoast project in Lebanon, as well as junior expert for the EU SMAP III Technical Assistance project in Egypt. Her earlier work focused on wetlands conservation and integrated coastal zone management; she however found greater personal and professional satisfaction in environmental education. Thanks to her multicultural upbringing, Betty is fluent in English, French and Arabic. She has a thirst for travel and discovering new horizons that she tries to quench at every opportunity.

Farah PicFarah Kamel

Project coordinator

Farah’s love for learning, nature and people’s potential and diversity found a home with Dayma. While life in Cairo and “traditional lifestyles” leave her feeling off centre- being on a Dayma journey, around curious and inquisitive people in an open and safe environment is uniquely grounding. Farah has always favored the outdoors, loved Egypt’s deserts and seas and is addicted to National Geographic and the BBC’s documentaries. When she’s not with Dayma she’s looking for the next best thing, whatever cool idea she can surround herself with that helps preserve what’s good in the world and grows what’ll save it. She believes life is complicated and nuanced and our understanding of that helps make it clearer and simpler. Farah has always  loved to share things that she’s excited about with other people and will always play the devil’s advocate.

“Always ask why, always believe there’s more, try to leave your ethnocentricity behind and see the bigger picture.”


NoorPhotoNoor Noor

Project Manager

A graduate of Political Sciences and Law, Noor is actively engaged in the fields of environmental advocacy and human rights. He is also a musician performing with several local bands, including El Zabaleen (“the Garbage Collectors”), an environmental music group that makes music from re-used and recycled waste to raise awareness on environmental issues. Noor is also currently working with Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE).

Wait, that’s not all! Dayma works with an array of part-time instructors and facilitators from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their own essential ingredient allowing us to create these memorable journeys for all.