Marwa picMarwa Kassem

Marwa has been a Human Resources Trainer and Consultant for the past decade, providing consultancy and delivering workshops on organizational development/behavior, with special emphasis on personal and team development with a specialization in Emotional Intelligence.

Marwa has worked with over 20 clients in 12 countries across the Middle East and Europe where she has delivered a number of workshops ranging from 1-day teambuilding off-site retreats to comprehensive management programs spanning 2 years aimed at enhancing both leadership and teambuilding capabilities of middle management within various private sector organizations.

Marwa is a graduate of The American University in Cairo (AUC) and has completed a post-graduate degree in Advanced Human Resources at TaisNimbas Business School, Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Marwa is a certified trainer from Florida State University, USA as well as a certified facilitator from The Master Trainer Institute in France.

Marwa is bi-lingual in English and Arabic and has basic knowledge of French. She has lived in 4 countries in Africa/Middle East, Europe and North America in addition to traveling to over 20 countries for both business and leisure.

Nada Elissa

Nada Elissa biopic

Nada loves reptiles. She studied biology in France and photography in London. When she’s not with Dayma enthralling journeyers with her positive energy, Nada is a freelance photographer by day and enjoys making playlists by night.

Kenzi Azmi


Kenzie studied environmental biology with a specialization in wildlife biology in Canada. Her summers were spent trying to get pictures of jaguars in Belize, identifying paw prints of mammals in Quebec, and counting sea turtle scales in Egypt. Since she graduated she’s worked in parks management with the UNDP, wildlife conservation and research with the Nature Conservation Egypt NGO, environmental policy for Oshtoora music & arts festival, and is currently creating content for a website on Egypt’s national parks with the UNDP. As a ribosome, she’s cool and collected, enjoys listening to stories and observing wildlife.

Mostafa Kharma


Beshoy Khalil